To become the leading Investment Bank in Mongolia that is recognized internationally for its quality of service, professionalism and trust.


Optimum solutions at the right time


“RedBeryl Investment & Management (RIM)” LLC carries out its activities in the area of investment banking, advisory services and research. Our services include:

  • Sell side advisor – to identify suitable investors or acquirers for clients who are seeking partners for their business or have expressed an interest to exit; to lead negotiations on behalf of the clients and to successfully execute the transaction;

  • Buy side advisor – to undertake market studies and investment analysis for investors considering entering the Mongolian market and to recommend the appropriate investment strategy and identify suitable investment opportunities in line with the growth strategy of the investor; and to assist with the investment negotiations, regulatory approvals and transaction execution;

  • Corporate Finance – recommend and resolve the equity and debt funding which is optimal model for the company’s growth, including such products as shares, mixed loan funding, and company bond;

  • Fairness Opinions – professional fairness opinions are the base of negotiations in today’s business environment, therefore we provide such fairness opinions on business evaluations, operations, mergers and acquisitions, fundraising and refinancing.


Our Company focuses and operates in following areas.








We fully contribute our time and resources in order to understand our clients’ goals, businesses and expectations.

Our goal is to promote multinational investments, connecting Mongolian companies with international organizations, helping foreign investors to invest and implement projects in Mongolia. 

The operational principles are to assist companies and enterprises with a potential to grow in the future and need investment to increase their values and to improve their contribution to the economical development of Mongolia.

RIM LLC employs professionals with investment and finance degrees who have overseas work experience.

RIM LLC focuses on diversifying the Mongolian economy, increasing domestic industry, growing export volume, developing project proposals based on foreign market demand that reflect advanced technology solutions, and attracting investments and working to improve their productivity.

Over the past two years, our Company has been providing the above mentioned services to domestic companies and enterprises. As part of our investment services, we focused on aligning our clients’ interests with the benefits and profitability that Investors require by achieving integrated position of medium and long-term mutual beneficial interests and strengthening their cooperation.

Our company has a quality assurance structure in place where a professional review committee provides feedback and comments on ongoing engagements based on their respective backgrounds. Our quality assurance structure provides us with a confidence that our services are of top-notch quality.

In the past we have successfully solved our client’s financial distress by way of increasing their foreign sourced revenue generation and by restructuring their high-interest short-term loans with debt-to-equity swaps and/or working capital financing. We have assisted start-up companies by raising funds from strategic investors based on optimal debt-to-equity ratio model of shares and loan funding.